Heads Together Barnsley Charitable Trust In memory of Jack and Paul

About the charity

We are a charity set up to honour the memory of and create a lasting legacy for two young boys, tragically taken from us in a house fire in October 2014. We hope to use the money we raise to help convert a hospital wing to a specialist paediatric burns unit, as well as supporting other charitable causes. We have created our Very Special Charity Calendar for 2017 (purchasable on our Shop page), and are planning several other events in the future. We hope you can support us and keep the memory of Jack and Paul alive.

A Message from Claire
Heads Together Barnsley Charitable Trust was launched at a concert titled Keeping the Memories Alive on the 24th October 2015, right in the heart of the community. At the core of our charity is the belief that two, three, four or however many heads put together to help families facing trauma are stronger than one. Whenever Jack and Paul put their heads together to help and support one another, they were at their strongest. A symbol of Unity, Strength and Love. Heads Together Barnsley Charitable Trust is part of a legacy built on their essence, to support and enrich other childrens' lives who are experiencing trauma or have life limiting illnesses, and their families to ease the difficulties they face, help them as a family unit and be there so they are not alone when facing their darkest hour. Just as the community put their heads and hearts together when I faced mine. Heads Together Barnsley Charitable Trust will be a lifelong testament of hope and faith for future generations.