Heads Together Barnsley Charitable Trust In memory of Jack and Paul
  • A Very Special Charity Calendar 2017


    A Very Special Charity Calendar 2017 is a calendar featuring various individuals affiliated with the project to rebuild Jack and Paul's former house, funded by donations to and volunteer hours from Care for Claire, a separate trust dedicated to helping Claire following the fire. Each month contains a message or story from Claire, as well as an accompanying image combining the story being told with very scantily-clad gentlemen! The final page showcases the individuals involved with the calendar, as well as those who helped with the rebuilding project. 

    All profits made from the calendar will go straight to Heads Together Barnsley Charitable Trust, helping us achieve our fundraising goals and ensure that Jack and Paul's memory will be honoured and cherished for years to come. 

    Please note we charge £2.50 for delivery within the United Kingdom for orders of up to 5 calendars. However, due to Post Office costs any order larger than 5 will incur a much higher delivery fee. As a result, we would recommend that, should you wish to place an order above 5 calendars, you place your orders in batches of up to 5 to reduce your postage costs. We currently do not ship outside of the UK. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.